Uvalde bodycam footage shows chaotic response to school shooting

New video from city police officers' bodycams reveals confusion and inaction on the scene of the May 24 shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, which left 21 dead. The footage was released following an initial report from the Texas House of Representatives probing the "overall lackadaisical approach" by law enforcement.

Video Transcript








- Am I bleeding? [YELLING IN BACKGROUND] Am I bleeding?


- [? He's ?] in the classroom. [INAUDIBLE] Yeah. He's in the class. I got shots fired. We're going to be in the building, the west side. We got to get in there.


- We got to get in there, he just keeps shooting.

Yeah, the guy's shooting. He's in a classroom, actually shooting. Rob School. Just give me a heads up, maybe I could, the more help, the better, you know.

- He's not talking. He shot like 40 to 50 rounds at least. He's in there with the room with them? OK. Come on. Go, go, go. Open the door. Open the door.


- It's us.

- The room is full of victims, child victims. [? Try ?] [? a ?] 911 call.

- OK. You want to start getting kids out? I can start jumping them-- Hold on. Let me get-- we're in here. Fuck, man.


- A child just called that they have victims in there. Called 911.


- What's that, gas?

- Yeah, gas.

- You don't have a gas mask?

- No, no.

- They should.

- 702, do you have y'all's masks?


- If there's kids in there saying that-- is it a kid, again, or is it a [? regular? ?]

- [INAUDIBLE] be shot.

- [INAUDIBLE] be shot? And [? something, ?] no one knows where the kids are or anything else at?

- No, there's some kids and teachers in there.

- But there's just [INAUDIBLE]

- Someone needs to tell 302 to get off the radio, respectfully.

- [INAUDIBLE] everybody! [INAUDIBLE]