Vaccination bus to help NYC neighborhoods in need

With many in New York still struggling to find appointments for the COVID-19 vaccines, the city is now partnering with community organizations, like Mixteca, to place mobile vaccine buses in neighborhoods in the most need of help. (March 29)

Video Transcript

NICOLE ROJAS: It's important that this mobile clinic is here in the community because it creates easier access to travel. It's a safe space and it's a center that the community already knows and trusts. They know that we are here to support them and advocate them if any situation is to arise, they know we are here to support them. And to translate for them, if needed.

- Oh yeah, yeah.

MARIA MENESES: I try to make an appointment directly to the website but was impossible. So I call to the phone number and I waited for two hours and they didn't pay the phone.

NICOLE ROJAS: We've been working hard to inform the community on how safe it is and to think of it in a way where it's better to have a vaccine and not suffer any more loss, than have nothing at all to protect us, and our family, and our community.