Vaccine Advisors To Meet With The FDA Regarding COVID-19 Vaccinations For Children Under 12

Vaccine advisors will meet with the Food and Drug Administration Thursday to discuss the next steps for vaccinating children under 12 against COVID-19; KDKA's Bryant Reed reports.

Video Transcript

- Now to the coronavirus. Today, the FDA is meeting to discuss the COVID-19 and children. Bryant Reed tells us what it can mean going forward.

BRYANT REED: This is like the meeting before the meeting. There's no reason to believe that anything will be approved here. But the FDA is still trying to figure out how much more they need to know from companies for a full approval of the vaccine for children ages 11 and under. Now some of what the FDA will be trying to answer are questions like, how many children need to be enrolled in clinical trials? And how much safety data will be needed?

Pfizer has already started the child enrollment process for up to 4,500 kids. And Moderna says they'll have data from kids as young as five by September or October. Because the coronavirus hasn't caused the same number of problems for children as it has for adults, the FDA says companies will have to make a strong case if they want the vaccine to be authorized for children.

PAUL OFFIT: What I think we're going to do at that meeting is we're going to decide what the parameters are for approval, either through emergency use authorization or for licensure for much younger age groups.

BRYANT REED: Now here in the commonwealth, health leaders say this is a good start to get the conversation started about children being vaccinated. But with school now out, health leaders are urging parents to be cautious as their children make summer plans. Reporting in Mount Washington, I'm Bryant Reed, KDKA News.