Vaccine Card Fraud

Concerns that some people are trying to use counterfeit vaccination cards with the CDC logo in order to obtain access to places that require proof of vaccination for entry.

Video Transcript

- Well, your vaccine card can really be a ticket to freedom for things like travel and special events. But there are concerns right now about fakes and what that could mean for everyone's safety. KCal 9's Jeff Nguyen is live this afternoon at Staples Center, one of the places that actually won't let you in without proof of vaccination, Jeff.

JEFF NGUYEN: Well, [INAUDIBLE], we're talking about a card like this with the CDC logo on it. It's really useful if you want to attend a Lakers, Clippers, or Kings game. Well, now there are concerns that some people are trying to skirt the system.

- Health verification documents.

JEFF NGUYEN: At arenas like Staples Center, a health verification is required to go inside, which may be why checkpoint software technologies has seen an uptick in phony vaccine verification cards offered on the dark web. Brian Linder is the firm's threat prevention expert.

BRIAN LINDER: We're seeing a lot of people in this dark web marketplace advertising for you to come pay and get them.

JEFF NGUYEN: The bogus cards have been circulating on eBay, Shopify, and offer up as travel and other freedoms are set to expand. Dr. Rita Burke is an epidemiologist and assistant professor of clinical preventative medicine at USC's Keck School of Medicine.

RITA BURKE: Even though you may be able to gain entrance to the sporting event that you really wanted to go to, you're putting other people's health at risk.

JEFF NGUYEN: Today, we asked LA County's public health director about the emerging problem.

BARBARA FERRER: I think very few people are trying to create for themselves a bogus record of vaccination. These cards do tie back to a database.

JEFF NGUYEN: The FBI recently warned it's against the law to have a fake verification card. And California's attorney general has been fighting to get internet companies to take them off their sites. But Brian Linder says using your email and other pieces of information like your birthdate, which goes right on that card, could open you up to more than a seat at a sporting event.

BRIAN LINDER: Your identity is liable to be sold on the internet. It's a big challenge that people don't understand the impact it could have on their lives.

JEFF NGUYEN: So Dr. Ferrer says eventually your vaccination card will go to a database so that venues like Staples Center can verify that it's legit. In the meantime, the county is offering a digital copy of your vaccination card so that you can keep it in the wallet of your phone. For now, we're live in downtown Los Angeles. Jeff Nguyen, Kcal 9 News.

- All right, Jeff. Thank you.