Vaccine could have 'large impact' quickly- Pfizer CEO

Bourla said governments need to ensure that other measures are not relaxed in the meantime.

"I think that it is important to use the vaccine as one tool," he said, adding that "undeniably, it's going to be the most effective with the most permanent impact."

Video Transcript

ALBERT BOURLA: And let's not forget, even if we vaccinate a relatively small of the population in the beginning, we can have a very large impact, because a very small percentage of the total population contributes disproportionately to the severe cases and deaths.

So if we vaccinate this part of the population in the beginning, we should be able, without developing herd immunity, to see a dramatic drop in those indexes, which will allow to provide more confidence stopping the virus.

Given the pressure, open the economy, open the economy should not make the mistake, because now we have a vaccine, let's relax immediately the other measures. I think it would be important that they will use the vaccine as one tool in controlling this disease. Undeniable, it's going to be likely the most effective, most permanent impact.

But it would be one of them in the beginning. And the time that we can go back to normality is not far away. But definitely it is not now. It is indeed a problem manufacturing, and it is a problem in the sense that we are living a situation that something which is very new, so we didn't have an existing manufacturing line for a vaccine like that.

It will be required in such global demand, but it is impossible to meet. So we are doing right now everything we can to increase the manufacturing capacity we have. But the challenge is that we need to increase it in the next few months. I feel very comfortable that by the end of 2021, for example, we'll have more doses than the world needs.