Vaccine equity pits rural against urban America

The U.S. vaccine campaign has heightened tensions between rural and urban America, where educators in urban counties are driving hours to rural areas to get vaccinated. (March 1)

Video Transcript

JENNIFER SIMON: I work in two different elementary schools. I work with 20 preschoolers between ages three and five who can't keep a mask on.

And one of the teachers said she had just called Van Buren. I did that, and they gave me an appointment for the very next day. And, yeah, it's a two-hour drive straight out 40 and then down. And I had never heard of Van Buren County, but the two other people that were in there when we got there were both educators from Chattanooga.

JOHN COOPER: It's a little bit of a pain, I know, for our folks to go to other counties, but I'm grateful that it's open to them too.

JENNIFER SIMON: I don't know how they decided how many shots Van Buren County gets and how many shots Davidson County gets. Like you'd think it should be proportionate. Driving home from the first shot, we were like screaming and cheering and singing with the windows down, and it was snowing. (GIGGLING)