Vaccine site opens at Glendale Community College

A new mass vaccination site with the capacity to administer up to 10,000 COVID-19 shots per week opened Sunday at Glendale Community College.

Video Transcript

RACHEL BROWN: New mass vaccination site is opening at Glendale Community College.

JOHN GREGORY: The clinic has the capacity to administer up to 10,000 shots every week. Eyewitness News reporter, Jane Hernandez, live at the Jewel City, with more details for us. Hi, Jade.

JADE HERNANDEZ: Good morning, John and Rachel, there are signs behind me indicating the future of this parking lot for the next couple of months, it says, Jewel City Vax Clinic. But take a look at this, we're live at Glendale Community College and later this morning this parking lot will become a large mass vaccination site. The community college site will have the capacity, as John mentioned, to administer 10,000 vaccinations per week, for the next three months. The clinic, called the Jewel City Vax Clinic, will be held from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Thursdays through Sundays. Now this is not a drive-through situation. Vaccinations will be provided by appointment only. The site is on the campus parking structure located off of Mount street, FEMA is supporting. It organizers expect a variety of vaccines from the CDC, but they anticipate receiving Moderna and Pfizer vaccines and the process is expected to be a streamlined one.

ROMIC ESKANDARIAN: We're looking for a very flat area, which usually, for most mega [? parts, ?] parking structures like this is most feasible. We anticipate by the time you come in, by time you go out, it will be about 30 minutes.

MAYOR PAULA DEVINE: We still have a portion of our population that has not been able to get a reservation. So this is going to be very helpful because we have all of these days until July to run this clinic.

JADE HERNANDEZ: Appointments can be made through, no walk-ups will be allowed, so you have to make an appointment through that website. Anyone who lives or works in LA County and is eligible for a vaccine should be able to schedule an appointment. And I just spoke to the spokeswoman for this site and she tells me that the first appointment here is scheduled for 9:00 AM this morning.