Vaccines doing job despite 'breakthrough' cases, experts say

Eight members of the Yankees tested positive for the virus after all of them were fully vaccinated. So, how did this happen?

Video Transcript

- Bill Swanson is more at ease going to places like the post office these days.

BILL SWANSON: My attitude is much better. And my wife is vaccinated. And most of our friends are vaccinated. So we're ready to start living again.

- Getting the vaccine does afford a lot more freedom, the CDC saying just last week that fully vaccinated people don't need a mask at most places indoors. But we've recently heard about breakthrough cases, particularly an incident involving a number of New York Yankees. Eight people who were fully vaccinated still tested positive. Only one of them had symptoms that have since gone away.

ANNAMARIA MACALUSO DAVIDSON: We can expect to see some breakthrough cases. We see it with other vaccines as well. But I think it's encouraging that when we see-- when they are testing positive, it's mild and that they're not having these severe cases. They're not hospitalized.

- Dr. Macaluso Davidson says still, a breakthrough case is rare. Of the 115 million Americans vaccinated from January to April, about 9,000 were considered breakthrough cases.

ANNAMARIA MACALUSO DAVIDSON: When you do the math, that's fractions of a percentage. That's 0.007%, so very rare. And that's taking all comers on a breakthrough case, so those that don't even know they have an infection, those that have a really mild infection, and then something even more severe.

- And remember, the goal of the vaccine is to keep people from getting really sick. And it's doing that.

ANNAMARIA MACALUSO DAVIDSON: For the most part, it's keeping you from getting really sick, from getting sick at all, from getting sick and not even knowing you have it and transmitting it to other people.

- As for Bill, he's not too concerned about the breakthrough cases, especially since he's vaccinated.

BILL SWANSON: No, not really. I mean, we've got to trust our health-care professionals.