Valley residents reminisce about sharing birthday celebrations with Christmas

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Dec. 26—Michael Bolig was thrown his first birthday party when he turned 30.

Born on Dec. 25, all of the Selinsgrove resident's prior birthdays were combined into Christmas festivities with his parents and four older siblings.

"Who wants to have a birthday party on Christmas? My first birthday party was when I turned 30. It was a surprise party a week before," said Bolig, who turned 58 Saturday. "I don't even think of Christmas as my birthday."

Heather Crumb, of Danville, was born on Dec. 29 and, as a child, didn't enjoy having to share her special day with Christmas and New Year's celebrations.

"It wasn't fun," she said, recalling how on Christmas morning as the family would gather around the tree she would often hear, "Oh, by the way. One of the gifts is your birthday present."

The one benefit Crumb said is that she always had the day off school on her birth date.

For Sara Lauver, a Selinsgrove borough council member, celebrating a Dec. 16 birthday also meant she didn't get extra gifts but said her parents always made sure to make her birthday special in some way.

"This year, I celebrated a milestone birthday and tried to organize a small gathering, but that didn't work out," the 40-year-old said. Due to conflicting schedules, Lauver said she instead got together with a smaller group of friends on different occasions during the holidays for intimate celebrations. "I appreciated having more quality time with them.

Ted DiCola considered his Dec. 17 birth date "a bonus" to the holidays.

"I never felt shorted or slighted. My parents were careful to make sure it was special," the Selinsgrove resident said.

Selinsgrove Borough Manager Lauren Martz said her parents always made her Dec. 22 birthday a special day, despite its proximity to Christmas Day.

"They would always do something special for my birthday. I got the whole spiel on the 22nd, or the week before," she said.

"I would say deer season is more stressful for my birthday than Christmas," laughed Martz at having to schedule celebrations around hunting season.

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