Van Gogh painting sells for £11.2 million in Paris

A rare painting by Vincent Van Gogh was sold at auction by Sotheby’s Paris for 13.1 million euros (£11.2 million). The sale of Street Scene In Montmartre was highly anticipated as it was one of the few paintings by the Dutch Impressionist master to still have been in private hands. The auction house had expected it to sell for between five million euros and eight million euros. Sotheby’s said the work had remained in the same family collection for more than 100 years, out of the public eye.

Video Transcript

- Painted in 1887.


We will start again from the beginning for this lot at 4 million euros. And we start at 4 million--


- --euros for this lot. 4 million 2. 4 million 2 with Liz.

- 6.

- 4 million 8. 6 million with Patty, I think. 6 million with Liz. 6 million euros with Liz [INAUDIBLE].


11 million 50,000 euros. 11 million 2 against you, Sam.


We stay with Sam Valette at 11 million 250,000 euros.