Vandals target 17 vehicles in Westend neighborhood

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Broken windows and glass are what neighbors in one Westend neighborhood woke up to early Sunday morning.

Police are looking for the culprit. It happened on Grady Place Southwest and Queen Street.

“I was like 17? That’s obscene,” Kendall Garriss said.

Unfortunately, Garriss told Channel 2′s Larry Spruill that his car was one of the vandalized ones.

“I was just shocked, like my jaw dropped,” Garriss said.


He shared photos that showed his window broken and glass everywhere inside the car and outside on the ground.

Atlanta police are investigating these multiple incidents.

Garriss said he believes they will catch whoever did this.

“Hopefully, between 17 different incidents, we can nail down whoever was responsible for this. This person was clearly on a mission that night to just go out and get whatever they could and hopefully they’ll be able to figure out who it was and make sure something like this doesn’t happen again in this neighborhood,” Garriss said.

Police are going through security video in the area. They’re hoping to narrow down the suspect or suspects.