VanJess, The R&B Sister Duo, Announces Breakup; Jess To Move Into Solo Career

Jessica Nwokike and Ivana Nwokike of VanJess
Jessica Nwokike and Ivana Nwokike of VanJess

R&B duo VanJess, comprised of sisters Ivana and Jessica Nwokike, have announced their split. Jessica confirmed the split on their Instagram on Thursday.

In a note-style post, she says that her sister chose to step away from the group around eight months ago. However, she ensured that Ivana had her full support.

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She wrote, “Hi guys, it’s Jess. I see you and know how much you’ve been wanting to hear new music and see more from the both of us. The truth is, about 8 months ago my sister decided to step away from VanJess. I fully support and respect my sister in pursuing what makes her the happiest. I know this news is disappointing to you all, but want to thank you for your love and support over the years from watching us record covers in our bathroom to making our wildest dreams come true.”

She stated that although the group was disbanded, she was still working on music.

“All that being said, this has given me the opportunity to start creating music of my own,” the singer and songwriter revealed. “I’ve spent the last few months finishing a project I’m beyond excited for you to hear. With my sister’s blessing, I will continue to post here and hope you all stay for the ‘ride’: Tomorrow is the start of something new.”

She signed the letter “Amaka,” an Igbo word meaning beautiful. The sisters are first-generation Nigerian immigrants of Igbo origin.

Revolt shared a quote the former member stated in a December 2022 interview with the African publication AMAKA. Ivana spoke about the in-betweenness of their lives as Nigerian immigrants and how they manage to stay true to themselves in the public eye. “If we get clouded by societal views, then we can never really be our truly authentic selves,” she said.

“We’re never gonna be anything we’re not and it doesn’t matter what anyone says,” she continued. “We’re doing this because this is what we believe in. This is what we were given by God to give you. So if it resonates with you, then it is for you, and if not, then it’s not for you.”

The sisters rose to fame through their YouTube singing covers of hits by Mariah Carey and Lady Gaga.

In 2018 they released their debut album, Silk Canvas. It included features from Masego and GoldLink.

They dropped their Homegrown EP in 2021, featuring hit tracks like “Slow Down” and the Kaytranada collab “Dysfunctional.”