Vans Challenge: Twitter craze involves people throwing their shoes on the floor

People are throwing their shoes in the air thanks to a viral social media challenge.

The #VansChallenge started when one Twitter user noticed that their Vans shoes always landed upright when they were thrown on the floor.

On Saturday the user, who goes by the handle @Ibelievethehype, posted a video of their discovery alongside the caption: “Did you know it doesn’t matter how you throw your vans they will land facing up?”

At the time of publication, the original tweet has received 256,000 likes and 95,000 retweets.

The internet wasted no time in putting the theory to the test with thousands of people following sharing their own videos.

“I learned today that no matter how you throw your vans they always land right side up,” one person wrote.

Another added: “Decided to do that vans thing when you throw them and they always land up and I’m pretty shocked.”

But, Vans aren’t the only shoes that prove @Ibelievethehype’s hypothesis is true.

After the challenge went viral, Crocs owners responded by trying to prove that the rubber clogs do the job better.

“Okay but???? My crocs do the same thing,” one person wrote.

Another added: “#VansChallenge failed, but my @Crocs never fail” alongside a video pitting the two styles against each other.

In the clip, one of the Vans shoes failed to turn the right side up, while the pair of Crocs nailed their landing.

The challenge is similar to the ‘Water Bottle Challenge‘ that dominated social media in 2016.

The viral sensation involved attempting to flip partially-filled plastic bottles so that they land upright on everything from windowsills and light sockets to the edges of desks.

In May 2016, a clip of Michael Senatore, an 18-year-old schoolboy from North Carolina, completing the challenge at a school talent show appeared and gathered millions of views, setting the craze in motion.