Vantage offers FAA drone courses

Mar. 16—VAN WERT — A new program at Vantage Career Center will help adult students break into the growing field of drone aviation.

In partnership with Pitsco Education, the center's Drone Training Academy is now accepting enrollment for its FAA Part 107 classes, the first to begin in June and the second coming at the end of July. The goal is for students to learn about everything from airport operations to radio communications to maintenance as they work to earn a remote pilot license. This license will cover commercial operations for small, unmanned aircraft under 55 pounds while opening the door to potential advanced licensure for larger drones.

"Drone usage is a new and exciting career opportunity that is rapidly becoming an integral part of many technical and industrial careers," Vantage science instructor Dan Joyce said in a statement.

To learn more about the program, go to or contact Joyce at 419-238-5411 or by email at

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