Vaptio will be Releasing 3 Significant Innovative E-Cigarette Products Globally -- AirGo & the Two-Product Sonar Series

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SHENZHEN, China, May 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Vaptio recently announced that they will be releasing three unique and innovative e-cigarettes, which have a great improvement in appearance, performance, and user experience. One is named AirGo. Currently, it's the smallest and lightest e-cigarette on the market. It features a stylish box and creative charging method. AirGo has a box of 700mAh battery to supply power, and inside there are a complete pod system and a spare pod. Users can take out the pod when they feel like vaping and put it back to the box when not in use so that the box automatically charges the pod and guarantees the full power. Moreover, this unique box prevents pods from dust and dirt. Two pods inside the box allow users to prefill different flavors. One vaping device, two flavors, catering to different vaping mood anytime. AirGo has already gained lots of attention and favor before being officially launched. Some vapers even said that AirGo is an e-cigarette that redefined vapers' lifestyle.

The other two products are part of the Sonar series. One is named Sonar, and the other is Sonar Max. They are both wattage adjustable pod mod. Sonar is an AIO system that has an internal 1500mAh battery and a size of 105*26*26mm, whereas Sonar Max supports an external 18650 battery and has a longer size, 116*26*29.5mm. Differing from traditional coil changing design, Sonar series realized the world's first top-install technology, which means users can directly pull out the coil from the top when changing coil. The e-liquid tank will automatically close, preserving the original e-liquid in the tank, which truly causes no leaks, waste, or mess at all. Meanwhile, the appearance of the Sonar series is also worth mentioning. Square shaped with curved edges, the Sonar series offers a great feeling when being held in hand. The best part is the 3D holo pattern panel affront. It glitters with the change of lights.

About Vaptio

To most vapers, Vaptio is a well-known brand that's been focusing on developing high quality e-cigarette products for many years. In 2014, Vaptio was founded in Seattle. The intention of the company is to bring better alternatives to traditional cigarettes for most smokers. The manufacturer that Vaptio cooperates with is First Union Group, the biggest comprehensive e-cigarette supplier. First Union Group provides integrated services including professional R&D, design, manufacture, which offers a first-class platform for Vaptio. The product model Cosmo launched by Vaptio in 2018 has been loved by many vapers since it first went on the market. It has been among the top ten hot-selling products in Europe for a long time, laying a solid foundation for the rise of Vaptio.


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