Variety store set to close in downtown Sanford

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Jun. 22—After 20 years in business and primarily serving the downtown area this variety store will soon be out of business.

Super 10, located at 132 North Steele St., will be closing its doors for good at the end of the month. The store sold a little bit of everything from non-perishable food, clothing, beauty supplies, cleaning supplies to tools, bedding and other items.

Brian Wells, district manager over Super 10 and another business in Sanford, said it was time to move on.

"We've got another location in town and we just decided to put our resources in the other location," he said.

The other location is the Roses Discount Store, at 1015 Spring Lane in the Riverbirch Shopping Center. Wells said although the names may be different they both are owned by the same company.

He said that not one employee at Super 10 will lose their jobs, but will be working at Roses instead. Currently at Super 10 they have discounted all of their merchandise in preparation for the move.

Nicole Allen, owner of Purple Poodle, a clothing boutique, located right next door to the Super 10 is also part owner of the space the store occupies.

"It's been a staple in the downtown community for so long," she said. "We love to go there to get our supplies like paper towels and stuff like that. My kids went there to buy (soft) drinks."

Once Super 10 has moved out she is not sure what will fill the space.

"I don't know yet," she said. "I don't know what I want to do with it."

Still, customers who frequent Super 10 say they will feel the impact once the store closes.

Kim Pickett, 64, lives a few blocks outside of the downtown and did most of her shopping at the Super 10.

"I don't want that place to go nowhere," she said about the store. "A lot of us feel that way."

She said the prices at the store are reasonable and it is easy to get to.

"I don't drive and it's a short walking distance from where I live," she said. "It's really convenient. I'm going to miss it."

Michelle Johnson said those who live downtown will now have to travel to get what they need. She shops there from time to time, but will now go to the Roses location.

"It will be easier for me because I drive," she said.

"It's a tragedy and a disaster, closing the store in the middle, the heart of downtown where people shop," William Johnson, 59, said. "A lot of people go there to shop, especially those who don't have transportation."

"It's kind of sad," Bob Zumalt, 54, said about the closing. "I hope it's not a sign of the times."