Vatican promises 'clarifications' to pope cover-up claims

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    How does one clarify that a cover-up was not actually a coverup; the fact that a high advisor to the Pope (former Cardinal McCarrick) was placed under sanction by Pope Benedict VI; that sanctions upon him were later lifted by Pope Francis in spite of the fact that the dossier of abuse allegations against him was known by the Vatican in 2000? Catholic News Service has obtained a copy of a letter from then-Archbishop Sandri (the former Vatican substitute for general affairs), showing his awareness of complaints against MCCarrick previously sent to Archbishop Mantalvo.
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    In a statement, Francis' nine cardinal advisers expressed their "full solidarity" with the pope over the scandal, which has thrown his papacy into crisis. .... The problem with these Cardinals is that they fit a disturbing pattern of "yes men," Cardinals who are part of the very problem at issue here. Some have referred to similar cabals in the United States and elsewhere as "the Gay Mafia" since, as the John Jay report highlights, 80% of the known sexual abuse cases in the United States have involved Homosexual priests abusing adolescent males, or young men.
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    Michael B
    The Catholic church has a two-fold problem. One, they have permitted homosexual and pedophile proclivity to infiltrate the Catholic Church. The vast majority of molestations have been male on male youth. Second, the church hierarchy and bureaucracy have compromised in attempts to engage in cover-ups protecting Administrations and thus compromising tenets of faith.
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    "the Holy See is working on formulating the potential and necessary clarifications."

    AKA how are we going to spin this?
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    Why does the Pope tell the world to have open borders while he lives behind 60' walls and armed guards at the gates?
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    Put on the tap shoes and start up the band.
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    The Catholic Church has been “clarifying” for 70 years.
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    Aerosmith wrote a song about stuff like this, Same Old Song and Dance,,,,my friend!
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    "Oh what tangled webs we weave, when we practice to deceive..."
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    Governments across the globe need to a.) quit allowing the Catholic Church to police itself and start actually investigating, trying and punishing abusive priests and b.) heavily sanction the Vatican until changes actually start being made.