Vax Live: SoFi Stadium To Host First Major Concert This Weekend With Fully Vaccinated Spectators

After a season of hosting NFL games with empty seats, Inglewood's SoFi Stadium will finally make a major public debut this weekend when it hosts Global Citizen’s VAX LIVE: The Concert to Reunite the World.

Video Transcript

- Not bad. Fans will also be in the seats at SoFi Stadium for the first time this weekend. Not for a Chargers or Rams game. The event is actually a major charity event concert. But to go, you have to be fully vaccinated. KCAL 9's Jasmine Viel has our preview.

JASMINE VIEL: So tickets to this concert were not available to the general public, only for those vaccinated frontline and essential workers, who have to show proof that they were vaccinated by April 18 with cards just like this one, and will still follow some strict protocols inside.

J. Lo will be headlining and Selena Gomez will be hosting the first large scale music event for a COVID-vaccinated audience of frontline and essential workers this Sunday at Inglewood's SoFi Stadium. It's called "Vax Live," the concert to reunite the world, put on by the international advocacy organization Global Citizen, which will use the time to call on governments to pledge money to help distribute the vaccine to the poorest countries.

HUGH EVANS: India just topped over 18 million COVID cases today. That's devastating. And they don't have access to the readily-available vaccines like we do here in the US right now.

JASMINE VIEL: Dr. Priscilla Hanudel, assistant chief of the emergency department at Kaiser Permanente South Bay, will be there, tweeting out how excited she is.

PRISCILLA HANUDEL: I just actually picked up my wristband right before I heard from you guys. So we're ready to go.

JASMINE VIEL: Only some of these 70,000 seats inside the stadium will be filled, to allow for social distancing. Organizers wouldn't give an exact number, but say thousands of health care and essential workers will be in attendance. So will Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who serve as campaign chairs for Global Citizen.

PRISCILLA HANUDEL: When I heard that Prince Harry, or Duke and Duchess Harry and Meghan were going to be there, that's a very-- that's probably going to be the highlight of my year.

JASMINE VIEL: President Biden will make a virtual appearance, along with other big celebrities and artists like the Foo Fighters and HER.

HUGH EVANS: The whole objective of this concert is to try to secure at least 10 million doses for the heroic doctors and nurses on the front line all around the world.

JASMINE VIEL: Dr. Hanudel was told everyone will be required to wear masks at all times and have their temperature checked, but she says it's so worth it.

PRISCILLA HANUDEL: It's just a very liberating feeling, but it's also, you know, it keeps you safe.

JASMINE VIEL: For those attending the concert, they will have to put their cell phone in a zipped locked baggie, because it is being recorded for the public to watch next Saturday, May 8, streaming and on air. And you can watch it at 8:00 on our sister station, CBS 2. Here in Inglewood, Jasmine Viel, KCAL 9 News.