VDOT warns drivers to stay off the roads until icy conditions end

As icy weather grips the mid-Atlantic, Virginia's Department of Transportation has a simple message for drivers: avoid driving if at all possible.

Video Transcript

SHANNON NICOLE MARSHALL: In Virginia, we have had winter weather conditions on and off for the last three weeks. Our crews across the state are working around the clock, and they have been since the start of the storm. The majority of the Commonwealth has experienced icy precipitation. It's ranged from freezing drizzle to freezing rain to sleet. We are constantly monitoring our supplies to ensure we have what we need to address weather conditions.

At this time, though, our supplies are adequate and our crews are out there addressing the conditions on the roads. We really urge motorists to delay travel as much as they can. If they have to travel and it's absolutely critical, we ask that they slow down, right? Slow down.

Be mindful for downed power lines and trees. Try to keep a safe distance from our equipment and other motorists. But I think the biggest issue is to take it slow.

But again, if you can avoid or delay travel, please do so. Now is just not the time to be on our roads. Plus, staying off the roads really allows our crews the time and space to clear the roads so that when the weather lightens up, we can all get out there safely and really do what we need to do.

But if at all possible, just stay at home in the warm and safe. And plan your travel after the storm. Our take-home message is to stay off the roads. There is no safe way to travel during ice.