Vegan woman leaves boyfriend upset with ‘unreasonable’ cooking rules

A woman is refusing to make non-vegan meals for her boyfriend’s son. She shared why on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum . The issue is that her boyfriend expects her to make two versions of dinner every day. “He works until 6:30 pm every day so I typically make dinner, do all the grocery shopping, etc. I’ve been vegan my whole life so obviously cook vegan. His kid has no problem at all eating what I cook,” she wrote. At first, the boyfriend was fine with this. Then he started asking her to buy non-vegan items like cow’s milk and butter. “Now he’s saying he’s worried about his child eating vegan so much, thinks they need calcium, etc. Doc and nutritionist say the child is fine,” she wrote. “I told him, I’m fine buying him non-vegan food for him to cook for himself and his child if they want that non-vegan food. But I’m not cooking non-vegan food”. The boyfriend argued that if he had to make dinner after work he will go "starving" and that the family wouldn’t be able to eat together since his son goes to sleep at 7:30 p.m. “Realistically it sounds like you’re being unreasonable. If he gets home at 6:30 p.m. that leaves very little time to cook before his kid needs to go to bed,” a user commented. “If the doc and nutritionist are saying the kid is fine with the vegan diet, you get to cook what you want,” another wrote