Vegetarian left ‘humiliated’ after being served KFC chicken burger

A woman is claiming that she was “humiliated” and “traumatized” by staff at a KFC in Colliers Wood, London. Vanessa Franco, who identifies as a life-long vegetarian, went to the chain to try out a new vegan burger. About three bites into the meal, she realized she was eating chicken. Franco said when she complained to the staff about the order, they “laughed” at her and asked why she didn’t notice. The manager came out and gave Franco a vegan burger, but she claims it wasn’t even properly cooked. When she complained a second time, she said the manager didn’t even apologize. According to Inside Edition, Franco said, "All of the staff stood there staring at me. I felt humiliated... and have been left traumatized due to not only a lifestyle choice but also religion being broken and made fun of". A KFC spokesperson has issued a statement explaining that the fast-food chain will try to implement a stricter process... to ensure the separation of the meat products and vegan products. The spokesperson is also offering Franco a free meal to “put things right”