Vehicle Crashes Into Bus In South LA

A vehicle crashed into a bus in South LA Thursday evening.

Video Transcript

PAT HARVEY: Breaking news now. A crash involving a vehicle and a bus in South LA. Desmond Shaw is in SKY2 with more on this. Desmond.

DESMOND SHAW: Yeah, Pat. We're at Vermont and the 105 Freeway. Looks like it involved this van here and perhaps a couple of other vehicles and LAPD now investigating. That ambulance standing by was just kind of precautionary, fortunately, doesn't sound like anyone was injured. Nobody had to be transported to the hospital, anyway. Here is the bus in question. Maybe some minor damage on the far right side here. But Vermont is shut down south of the 105 Freeway as LAPD tries to figure out what exactly happened here. Live in SKY2 overhead. I'm Desmond Shaw. Pat, back to you in the studio.

PAT HARVEY: All right. Thanks for that, Des.