Velshi: There is no land of the free when freedoms are extinguished

Overturning Roe Vs. Wade makes America an outlier among developed countries. In countries like Canada, Greenland, the majority of Europe, Australia, New Zealand and others, a person can get an abortion “on request”. There are varying limits on how far along the pregnancy is - but for the most part: if a person wants an abortion, they can get it. Then there are countries one might be more surprised to find in this group: in Cuba, Argentina, Turkey, Russia, China, and even North Korea abortion is available “on reqest.” In Egypt, Iraq, Madagascar, the Philippines, Sierra Leone, Senegal, and a few others, abortion is outright prohibited. America falls somewhere in the middle. Since the reversal of Roe VS. Wade, it’s tough to characterize the legal status of abortion in the U.S. because it now varies wildly by state. The right to an abortion no longer has blanket constitutional protection. Which means, women have rights in China and North Korea that they don’t have in the United States of America.