Velshi: If the U.S. moves away from coal, Manchin loses out financially. And that’s a problem.

For the first time in a while, 2021 felt like the year climate change would become a defining issue of the generation. But, hopes of quelling the environmental crises we as humans created, are again looking dim. The Build Back Better bill – which includes $555 billion in clean energy spending – is on ice. The bill is at the mercy of one single Democrat who has disproportionate power to sabotage the whole thing. Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia said bah humbug to the Build Back Better bill, explaining he won't vote for it because he doesn't see the benefit to his constituents. Though, one wonders if the “constituents” he's worried about are the citizens of West Virginia, or companies that make millions off of burning fossil fuels and their lobbyists. If the country continues to move away from coal, Sen. Manchin stands to lose financially. It’s time he comes clean about his attachment to dirty fuel, because right now it feels like he’s given America a big, fat lump of coal for Christmas.

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