Venezuelan LLWS player has the most unusual batting stance you'll ever see

Mark Townsend
Yahoo Sports Contributor
A member of Venezuela's Little League squad showed off the most absurd batting stance you'll ever see. (AP)

The Little League World Series is under way and there have already been plenty of highlights from Willamsport, Pennsylvania.

However, it hasn’t been a home run or a defensive gem that has generated the most buzz so far. Instead, it’s the unusual batting stance utilized by a member of the Venezuelan squad that has everyone talking.

Actually, unusual might be underselling how unique and perhaps absurd the approach of 5-foot, 80 pound Delvis Ordonez was during his fifth inning at-bat against Australia on Saturday.

Are you watching, MLB hitters?

We often hear about aggressive hitters expanding the strike zone. In this instance, Ordonez is doing his best to shrink it. Or at the very least, he’s attempting to rattle the pitcher and perhaps confuse the home-plate umpire.

It didn’t work on this pitch. Australia’s pitcher fired one right down the middle — or at least where down the middle usually is — and the umpire fired his right arm. Strike one.

That prompted Ordonez to change his approach. He ended up reaching on a bunt single and scoring Venezuela’s second run later in the inning. Venezuela held on to win the game 2-0, which eliminated Australia from the tournament.

Of course, not everyone is agreeing with the usage of an extremely crouched batting stance. The thought being that it doesn’t exhibit good sportsmanship, which is what the Little League World Series is built around.

But it got people talking, and it didn’t seem to cause any real harm, either.

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