Venezuela's Guaido takes selfie video with thousands at Madrid rally

Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido on Saturday joined thousands of supporters in Madrid… taking a “selfie video” to capture the moment.

He told the crowd – “We are going to rescue Venezuela.”

Spain, along with most EU nations, recognizes Guaido as president of Venezuela and does not view Nicholas Maduro's leftist government as legitimate.

Guaido - who was re-elected this month to a second one-year term as head of the opposition-held congress - had defied a travel ban to seek support in Europe for new elections in his country.

He has said Maduro’s attempts to prevent him from being re-elected earlier this month had made him more determined to see the president unseated from power.

Hours before the rally on Saturday, Guaido was given the ‘golden key of Madrid’ after meeting the city’s mayor and Spain’s Foreign Minister.