Venice Fishing Pier Slated To Reopen In 2021

Nicole Charky
·1 min read

VENICE BEACH, CA — Venice Fishing Pier is scheduled to reopen in spring 2021 following its nearly year-long closure amid the pandemic.

Construction is still underway, but city officials expect it will reopen by springtime next year, YoVenice reports.

The pier closed in March 2020 and the City of Los Angeles Board of Recreation and Park Commissioners approved a $4,239,871 project to repair the Pier. A 2018 fire damaged the pier's ramp structure.

The Pier is a 1,310-foot-long and 16-foot-wide structure, supported by 157 vertical and battered
24” diameter concrete piles, ranging in length of approximately 35 feet to 80 feet. Twelve individual fishing stations jut out on alternating sides and its end consists of a 120-foot diameter
round platform.

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This article originally appeared on the Venice-Mar Vista Patch