Ventura County easing closer to normalcy in red tier

Some normalcy is starting to return to Ventura County now that the county is in the less-restrictive red tier of the state's reopening criteria.

Video Transcript

- Some normalcy is starting to return to Ventura County now that that county is in a less restrictive tier.

- Eyewitness News report Sid Garcia is live in Ventura where people can dine indoors and work out inside gyms again. Hi, Sid.

SID GARCIA: Hey, guys. We are here on Main Street as Patrick's Day celebrations start warming up. And you're right, now folks here have the option-- eat inside or eat outside. And also, the county today announced the businesses that was suing who didn't play by the rules, well, the legal stuff has been dropped.

Diners along Main Street in Ventura today had the option-- to eat outside, or for the first time in months, eat inside. Restaurants can now open their indoor dining areas at 25% capacity. Being in the red tier means more business for restaurants and bars. At the Immigrant Sun Cafe, the manager was thrilled to give customers the option of outdoor or indoor dining.

JOHNNY COSTA: It was amazing just to walk in the early morning inside the restaurant and see the tables ready to seat people inside. It. Was a great feeling. And when our first customers walking today, and we offered another inside table, they were amazing. And they're like, whoa, we finally get back to kind of normal routine.

SID GARCIA: Ventura County Board of Supervisors announced today that it's dropping the remaining lawsuits against the businesses that operated indoors against public health orders. Here's why.

MATT LAVERE: The prior orders that had been put in place, they were done during the surge, the heart of the surge. And now the urgency-- and that urgency is gone. And now that we're in red tier, a lot of these businesses aren't operating illegally anymore. And so I thought it was the right thing to do, and my colleagues agreed.

SID GARCIA: The red tier allows movie theaters to open up at 25% capacity or up to 100 people. Gyms can open up at 10% capacity. At the 24 Hour Fitness in Simi Valley, members were glad they could go indoors to work out.

ALVA QUINTERO: Oh, my gosh, yes, it's been-- I've been coming in every day. We've been doing the outdoors, and it's been amazing. I've met so many great people here. So it's part of my daily routine.

- How--

SID GARCIA: And the Ventura County Sheriff's Office wants you to know, if you're going to go out celebrating St. Patrick's Day, remember, the bars and restaurants will be requiring face coverings, also social distancing. And remember, be responsible.