Venus Media Group Successfully Delivered NYC Health + Hospitals' Test & Trace Corps Campaign to NYC's Women and LGBTQ+ Community

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Venus Media Group Successfully Delivered NYC Health + Hospitals' Test & Trace Corps Campaign to NYC's Women and LGBTQ+ Community

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NEW YORK, March 2, 2021

The female-led agency's effective approach suggests a similar strategy can increase awareness of vaccine availability

NEW YORK, March 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Venus Media Group, a modern multicultural media buying agency, today announced the results of its campaign with NYC Health + Hospitals' Test & Trace Corps. The agency's success at encouraging participation in the NYC Test & Trace Corps program among New York City's women and LGBTQ+ community provides a good case study (or best practices) for a dedicated approach to speaking to these audiences and other traditionally underserved groups on COVID-19 pandemic response, including participation in the vaccination program.

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NYC Health + Hospitals selected Venus Media Group as part of a Request for Bids process to specifically speak to women and the LGBTQ+ population about New York City's COVID-19 testing and tracing services through its strategic community-based approach. The agency's multi-pronged efforts included sponsoring key podcasts, partnering with influential talent and promoting relevant livestreamed community events, all of which enabled NYC Test & Trace Corps messages to reach millions of New Yorkers.

Now the agency has a proposal to leverage its learnings to support initiatives working to provide diverse groups with critical details about the vaccine rollout.

"We know these particular audience demographics are responsible for making key health-related decisions for both themselves and their families, and deserve to directly receive public health information and critical news about all efforts to halt the spread of COVID-19," said Cathy Murphy, Co-Founder and CEO of Venus Media Group. "Through our work with the NYC Test & Trace Corps, we saw proof that by aiming the right message and strategies to the right audiences, significant increased awareness can be achieved. This will be equally important as rollout of the vaccine continues at an increased pace across the nation and we hope to present our proposal to a few organizations for consideration."

With nearly thirty years in the industry, Venus Media Group's executives' key expertise stems from their experience and relationships within the industry, as well as an insider perspective to the nuances of its clients' audiences. Led by a multi-generational, multi-faceted team of industry insiders, the agency has a unique understanding of where and how to speak to diverse segments in a customized way.

"Venus Media Group was selected to perform work for a specific period of the NYC Test & Trace Corps campaign for their expertise and experience in targeting women and LGBTQ+ communities," said Emily Golloub, Assistant Director, Communications at NYC Health + Hospitals. "They created a well-rounded and unique approach to drive awareness to these populations and we were pleased with the results."

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