Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg on Bridging the Digital Divide

Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg tells Yahoo Finance what the company is doing to closing the gap in the digital divide, it's especially important during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Vestberg said it's about "accessibility", "affordability" and "usability."

Video Transcript

HANS VESTBERG: So this is a moment that is very important for our society. I mean, we know the challenges we have in our society and many of them can only be addressed by the decreasing the digital divide. This pandemic, of course-- the silver lining in this pandemic, of course, being that we can see it works to have health care, education digitally-- getting information digitally.

But also if we don't do it right, we can actually increase the digital divide as well. So this is the opportunity to see that mobility, broadband, and Cloud services is the 21st century's infrastructure, and every government, every country, and every private sector needs to think about that. So that's how we've been thinking. And what we're really focused on has been education for underserved schools where we invested more than $500 million since 2012 in underserved schools where we gave them both the broadband, but we also gave them the devices, and we gave them a curriculum, a digital curriculum.

Because it's very important, when you talk about the digital divide, that the accessibility of the technology, of the broadband, it's also the affordability. You need to be able to afford it and find it easy usability. We all like Netflix and all of that, but we need actually stem medication, or health care application that can work on top of it so we get the social benefit from it.

That's why the public private conversation becomes even more important these times. I can assure you, Verizon will do everything to continue to lay out the broadband over the concrete, work with the different constituencies to see that we're getting health care and educations for all that needs to do that digitally.