How Verizon helps during hurricanes

AccuWeather spoke with Kyle Malady about Verizon's preparations when it comes to hurricanes.

Video Transcript

KYLE MALADY: First and foremost is, we want to make we want to make sure our network is up and people can use their own cell phones and their own computers and their own communications that they have at home, to work on our network as it would be on any normal day. So that's mission one.

But sometimes, when things are broken beyond repair, and when they're in the middle of repair, we have assets that we can bring in to help the community that will allow people to charge their phones, that will allow them to make phone calls from satellite, and just so people can communicate and let their loved ones know that they're safe.

That's what we find a lot-- if communications are down, it's really tough on them, mainly because they want to let their loved ones know that they're OK.