Vermilion County Child Advocacy earns national accreditation

Nov. 6—Vermilion County Child Advocacy Center is an organization that has been in operation since July 1, 2021.

The center recently announced it has earned membership and accreditation through the National Children's Alliance.

"We would like to thank our board, staff and Multi-Disciplinary team (MDT) for their support through this strenuous process," officials said through a news release.

Staff: Brooke Ferber, Executive Director; Jonathan Muñoz, Child and Family Advocate; Chelsey Hembree, Forensic Interviewer; Board Members: Jacqueline Lacy, Board Chair; Scott Bennett, Vice Chair; Brittany Savalick, Secretary/Treasurer; Josh Webb; Marcie Sheridan; Larry Baughn; Lesley Shore; Pat Hartshorn; Anna Foote; Elizabeth Mellen-Irle; Katie Spencer; Brittany Randle. Special mention MDT members: Mike Pawl; Sean Jones; Evanne Astell; Lynda Morgan; Channing Petrak; Zachary Truex; Madeline Stout.

National Children's Alliance (NCA) is a professional membership organization and accrediting body that guides, supports and educates more than 939 Children's Advocacy Centers (CACs) across the nation. NCA provides standards that CACs follow for a coordinated, evidence-based response to children who have been abused. CACs use a multi-disciplinary joint investigative approach when responding to child abuse.

As stated in the Children's Advocacy Center Act (55 ILCS 80/2b), "The General Assembly further finds that the most precious resource in the State of Illinois is our children. The protection of children from physical abuse, sexual abuse and exploitation, and neglect, hereinafter "child maltreatment", is at the core of the duties and fundamental responsibilities of the General Assembly and provides the highest compelling interest to create and maintain a system to effectively respond to reports of child maltreatment and protect children from harm. (Source: P.A. 98-809, eff. 1-1-15.)."