'Very blessed'

Nov. 24—NORWALK — It was a beautiful day to give thanks.

Hundreds meals were served on Thanksgiving Day thanks to the volunteers at St. Paul Catholic Church.

"We have at least 150 deliveries ... 500-plus meals going out with those deliveries," organizer Skip Wilde said. "And I know we have carry-outs coming in. I know we will do at least 600 meals."

Volunteers packed the cafeteria preparing the meals while others came into deliver them.

And it took a lot of work.

"Forty-five turkeys," Wilde said. "Three-hundred-and-fifty pounds of potatoes. And you see the pies.

"With the drivers we have at least 100 to 150 people," Wilde said. "Families will come and deliver together. We probably have three dozen here prepping. We had the St. Paul High School kids doing potatoes yesterday. They had about 30."

The annual event seems to get bigger and better each year.

"We are in good shape," Wilde said. "Very blessed. You have to have the attitude and the gratitude."