Very good boy crashes high school graduation, ‘waters’ the plants in the middle of class photo

Mike Wehner

Graduation is a big day in the life of a high school student. It’s the final step in a journey that takes years and regardless of what lies beyond — be it college, technical training, or a plunge into the workforce — it’s cause for celebration. Charlie feels the same way.

Charlie is a dog. More specifically, he’s the Walls family dog and Logan Walls, a member of the class of 2019, is a student at Horseshoe Bend High School in Alabama. The school, which is just a stone’s throw from the Walls home, is one of Charlie’s favorite places to visit, and he apparently does so quite a bit. So, when the pup arrived at the outdoor graduation ceremony for the 2019 class, nobody thought much of it. That is, until the forces of nature got the better of him.

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There on the perfectly-trimmed grassy field, and in front of a crowd of gatherers, Charlie decided he had to take a pee. With no trees in sight, he settled on the next best thing, which happened to be a potted fern next to a table adorned with the high school’s colors and logo.

In what can only be described as a gift, Charlie’s appearance was captured for posterity by Denise Walls, Logan’s aunt. The photo is absolutely priceless, especially with Logan himself facepalming in the background. You just can’t ask for a better shot than that.

“Just a little background, this dog belongs to my sister,” Denise Walls explained in a post on Facebook. “They live right down the road from the school and Charlie (the dog) is at the school almost every day. He just loves being around people and is the sweetest dog.”

The incident was also captured on video by attendees there to document the would-be sentimental moment:

Good boy, Charlie. Good boy.

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