The very GOP governors who criticize Biden’s vaccine mandate made it necessary

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GOP governors

Some Republican governors complain that it’s illegal for the federal government to mandate vaccinations to control the pandemic. They also say it will hurt business.

It is the uncontrolled health emergency that is hurting business.

These governors are also well aware that President Biden had to issue the mandate because they did not put aside politics to save lives. Not only did they refuse to encourage the CDC guidelines, as well as vaccinations, some of them made laws in opposition to the guidelines.

There is no more proper role of the federal government than to protect the lives of its citizens. Some of these politicians believe that the proper role of government is to limit rights — civil rights, voting rights, right to affordable health care, women’s rights.

David Nachamie, Lincolnton

David Nachamie
David Nachamie

Biden’s retort

President Biden’s retort to wanna-be tough guy governors who will sue was note-perfect: “Have at it.” After the pandemic is over we’ll liken it FDR’s riposte to the wealthy who hated his Depression Era plans: “I welcome their hatred.” Or, the Battle of the Bulge general whose response to a German surrender ultimatum was: “NUTS!”

Steve Craig, Charlotte

Wedge issues

It amazes me how so much time can be spent on wedge issues created for political gain and so little on real ones.

The global (and U.S.) water crisis and need for accelerated climate change action are key environmental issues.

Investing in deteriorated infrastructure while also reducing the U.S. deficit and debt are at odds, but both are needed so we must be judicious with spending cuts and revenue increases, as both are needed to solve the math problem.

And, we must stop this degradation of civil rights that were long fought for. Attacking the right to vote under the guise of staged and unproven election fraud claims is abhorrent in the eyes of this independent voter and should be in the eyes of more elected officials.

Keith Wilson, Charlotte

Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson

NC speeding

Regarding “‘Truly alarming’: NC road deaths spike again this year. Why?” (Sept. 10):

It’s really quite simple. In the absence of effective enforcement, speeding begets more speeding.

Ask yourself this: How many times have you been driving at or close to the speed limit on an interstate or other multi-lane highway when multiple vehicles whiz past you going 20-plus miles over the speed limit and you’ve thought, “Well, why shouldn’t I do that”? There doesn’t seem to be anyone interested in catching them.

So, against your better judgment, you push down on the accelerator and join the growing crowd of scofflaws, only to encourage others around you to do the same.

Dumont Clarke, Charlotte

School bus drivers

Regarding Ned Barnett’s ‘“We’ve been overlooked for a long time”: What NC’s bus driver shortage is really about,” (Sept. 15 Opinion):

I’m a retired teacher from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and agree that school bus drivers deserve higher pay. They drive big vehicles with a potentially full bus of children riding behind the driver. I certainly couldn’t do it.

In addition to this, whoever designs routes has these drivers making difficult left hand turns across four lanes of traffic during morning and afternoon rush hours. They are also assigned back to back runs where it is physically impossible to arrive at the second run at the scheduled time.

My grandson rides the bus in Charlotte. Despite all the driver’s challenges, she is cautious, friendly and as close to on time as possible.

Gail Ross, Charlotte

Get on board

Regarding “Parents angry as Union County schools scale back quarantines,” (Sept. 14):

Whoa! The Union County School board has quit most quarantines, contact tracing and masks. What is going on with this school board? Wake up Union! You are behind the eight ball!

Marcia Evans, Matthews

God’s work?

Reading the article about the church that says its lawyers are ready to fight the Mecklenburg County mask mandate makes me wonder what kind of god they pray to. Doesn’t there God teach them to love one another and care for their fellow man? Whatever religion they are selling, if they can afford lawyers to fight a mask mandate then they should pay taxes just like any business. They are not doing God’s work.

Perry Hayes, Cornelius

No 9/11 holiday

A Sept. 12 Forum writer suggested 9/11 should be a holiday. I say no! It would just become another day for merchants to have a sale. I have seen too many signs announcing the “celebration” of Memorial Day to believe that it wouldn’t turn out be another “celebration” of death and destruction.

Leave it be, a day of sorrow and contemplation on the thousands of innocent workers and public servants who died on that sacred date.

Robert Cuminale, Charlotte

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