Very Warm Saturday Ahead Of Soggy, Chilly Storm Arriving Sunday

Meteorologist Chris Spears has your forecast.

Video Transcript

- Get a check of your forecast. Now if you want to go there, you're going to have some hot temperatures there, Chris?

CHRIS SPEARS: It's going to be very warm on that side of the state. The whole part of our country, in fact, very warm today. But things will change in the distant future. We'll talk about that here. I want to show you this picture Melinda Leach sent in, our Weather Watcher in Sunshine Canyon outside of Boulder. There's her view of the Continental Divide. She caught dawn's early light this morning. Beautiful start to the day.

20s and 30s above 10,000 feet, but most mountain communities in the 30s to low 40s at this time. We have 40s and 50s on the eastern plains and western slope. And look at Boulder. 68! They must have a little wind happening up there driving that temperature right now. 54. Pam, our Weather Watcher in the Columbine West area of Littleton, 55 out on the Northwest side of Fort Collins from Shelby Majors. High clouds, that will be today's weather story coming in. Mid and high level moisture. It's out ahead of the approaching storm system. The wind is also going to pick up as we go through the day today. It's a westerly direction, so that means it's warm air coming in. But we're very dry, and so with the wind, the warmth and the dryness, fire danger a concern. Red counties here on the eastern plains and western slope.

And I want to mention today in Summit County and Eagle County, they will be doing some prescribed burns in the White River National Forest, so you may see smoke up that way. Storm system just coming into the Northwest. The cold front will slice through Colorado tomorrow morning into the afternoon. It'll clear the state by Monday, but behind it, we get several hours of rain and mountain snow. There's a winter storm watch above 9,000 feet. We could get 7 to 14 inches of snow in the northern and central mountains. Eastern plains, we could get a strong to severe storm tomorrow, so something we'll be watching for you. Hail would be the primary threat.

Here's Futurecast, just increasing clouds today. Maybe a spotty shower in the High Country. Same thing for tonight. It is tomorrow. Watch up here. You'll see the front come through and cross the state. It'll kick up some showers and thunderstorms early to mid afternoon on the plains. And tomorrow night, we'll get a good area of precip developing on the 25 corridor, and that is going to last all day Monday. So nice to see some more moisture coming in. Today's your pick day. Get out and enjoy. 60s and 70s in the higher mountain communities, but a lot of 80s showing up on the map today, even some 90s the eastern plains.

Here's that five-day forecast, Justin, so we're talking mid-80s today. Very close to the record in Denver. Now tomorrow, 64 is not too bad, but it will be dropping as that cold front comes through. Showers and storms developing. Look at Monday. 46 degrees. Chilly rain. It'll get out of here Tuesday into Wednesday. So you know what? May arrived today. It's nice to get a little bit more moisture. We'll need that as we get into the hotter months of the summer.

- Especially with Elitch is opening today. It'll be a great opportunity to get out and just enjoy the forecast.

CHRIS SPEARS: We designed that. We made opening day perfect for you.

- Thank you so much, Chris.