Veterans Of All Ages Receive Their Vaccine Shots At Crescenz VA Medical Center

Some local veterans are more protected against COVID-19 today.

Video Transcript


- This evening some local veterans are more protected against COVID-19. Eyewitness News at the VA Medical Center in University City for a mass vaccination clinic. All veterans, regardless of age, were able to get the shot. You can sign up at

More people in East Oak Lane are vaccinated against COVID-19. Eyewitness News at Penn Asian Senior Services on Old York Road. Some 200 people got their COVID vaccines this Saturday, with more than 50% of them coming from minority and underserved communities.

DAVID OH: We have a lot of seniors, we have Asian-Americans, African-Americans, Caucasians. Lots of folks out and that's what it's all about. Trying to make sure that people who want to get vaccinated are being vaccinated. And you know, we have a lot of volunteers out here-- medical health care folks-- and it's really, they're the backbone of how this is working out.

- A reminder, we have a vaccine guide on our website There you'll find answers to questions about the COVID-19 shot.