Vets offer tips to help pets live healthy, longer lives

LAS VEGAS (KLAS) – What is going to help our fur babies live healthier and longer lives? It’s a question answered by many veterinarians at a unique convention.

Every year the non-profit, North American Veterinarian Community (NAVC) hosts a convention with all the newest trends, techniques, and medical treatments in vet care.

In the past human medication, developed for humans had to be adapted to meet the needs of our pets.

“Today medication developed specifically for dogs or cats are more effective with lower side effects, things like pain medication and diabetes medication are more effective than ever,” VMX conference organizer Dr. Dana Varble said.

Pet ownership is at 85% and the demand for veterinarians is a global issue. As a result clinics and vet offices are short-staffed. To help bridge the gap many vet expos reach out to tweens and teens to inspire a new generation.

“Here in the United States, 93% of our vet population is Caucasian. These middle schoolers get to scrub up, draw blood, and lay sutures on model dogs. Inspire them to consider a career in vet medicine, plant a seed for future growth in the veterinary profession,” VMX conference organizers and CEO Gene O’Neill said.

For the first time – the french bulldog is the most popular breed in the United States.
But these cute-looking faces and other flat-faced dogs face many health and breathing issues because of their signature snouts.

Vets say they’re educating a lot more pet owners about these challenges.

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