VFX company behind 'Squid Game' reveals the surprising amount of CGI contained in the show

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Kim Hyung-rok, a computer graphics supervisor from South Korea-based Gulliver Studios, recently revealed how much of the “Squid Game” set was made up of computer-generated imagery (CGI) created by his team.

VFX: The hit Netflix show “Squid Game'' drew the attention of millions of viewers, but Gulliver Studios revealed that not all is real by releasing a video of the show’s visual effects breakdown.

  • In the video, Kim shares that most of the aspects of the games’ set design were made in post-production. These include the paintings on the walls from the series’ first episode, which features the game “Red Light, Green Light.”

  • Other surprising CGI elements include the enormous plexiglass piggy bank, which held up to 45.6 billion South Korean won (approximately $38.3 million).

  • Iconic locations from the show, such as its dorms and maze-like staircase, were also featured in the breakdown.

Featured Image via Movie VFX

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