Victim of abuse Jonathon Wyant becomes the abuser

BRANCH COUNTY — Jonathon Wyant, 27, will serve 1.5-15 years in prison for sexually assaulting a child nearly 10 years ago.

He was just 17 years old when he accosted a then 7-year-old in a bedroom where she put on her swimming suit in 2013. She said nothing at the time when she joined her mother at poolside.

The now teenage girl remembered the event at a 2021 holiday meeting when she saw Wyant again. This time, she told her mother about what Wyant did to her.


Branch County Sheriff deputies questioned Wyant. He admitted exposing himself to her after he touched her inappropriately.

“This was the only time I ever did anything like this,” he told deputies.

Wyant pleaded guilty to second-degree criminal sexual conduct in the 2013 encounter. The Bronson-area man told Circuit Judge Bill O’Grady as he faced him for sentencing Monday, “I did wrong. I apologize for that. I was raped when I was younger by my dad. I'm sorry for everything.”

The mother of the young girl claimed her daughter was not the only victim, but others never came forward.

“This is the one that was prosecuted. There were numerous situations. He is a predator. He will have to atone for that. And until he does. That's on him. I will never forgive him. Maybe God will,” the victim's mother said.


The mother told Wyant, “You are a disgusting human being, you are a pedophile.”

Prosecutor Zack Stempien said the acts by Wyant “will have an extensive impact on the victim.”

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“Unfortunately, because of the (sentencing) guidelines in this matter, this case is going to be a relatively short prison sentence. Maybe the Michigan Department of Corrections will exercise their authority and hold them in prison longer than the minimum," Stempien said.

Because of the age of the victim, Wyant will be on lifetime GPS monitoring when he is paroled.

This article originally appeared on Coldwater Daily Reporter: Victim of abuse Jonathon Wyant becomes the abuser