Victim Of Attack In Marlboro Speaks Out After Suspect Faces Judge

Ana Paula Nasciemento was able to fight off her attacker on a popular walking path in Marlboro.

Video Transcript

DAVID WADE: Tonight from the victim, who says she was attacked on a Marlboro trail yesterday. The woman was able to fight off the suspect, identified now by police as 36-year-old Jonathan Parker, and she recorded him as he ran away from the scene. It happened along the Rail Trail in Marlboro yesterday morning. The victim tells us she had to fight back because she thought she would die.

ANA PAULA NASCIEMENTO: I'm just thinking about I die. I don't know if he's killing me. If not, that's my only chance to try. I have to do something for myself.

DAVID WADE: Wow. Parker, the suspect, was later turned in to police after they released surveillance images of him. He's now facing several assault charges.