Victim's family demands answers over erroneous release of suspect

A local family is demanding answers after a murder suspect was mistakenly set free in downtown Los Angeles.

Video Transcript

- A local family is demanding answers after a murder suspect was mistakenly set free.

23-year-old Steven Manzo was arrested last March for the 2018 murder of Salvador Corrales. Earlier this month, he was mistakenly released from custody and is still on the loose. Family members of the victim just want to know how this could happen. They spoke to Eyewitness News reporter Marc Cota-Robles.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: Colossal confusion leading to an all-out manhunt in the case of Long Beach murder suspect Steven Manzo. Today his victim's family is demanding answers.

SELENA BARAJAS: We thought we had justice until something like this happens. It's not right.

MARLIN ZAMARRIPA: He was already in custody and they just let him walk out through the door.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: It was just last week when Manzo's search, following his release, shut down the 101 freeway in downtown L.A.

MICHAEL CARRILLO: Long Beach PD's blaming the sheriffs, DA's blaming the sheriffs, sheriff's blaming the DA, so it's a circle. And these are the people that are suffering in that process.

MARC COTA-ROBLES: The Sheriff's department saying it received an "order for release" from the court indicating the case had been dismissed. The DA's office confirming it was, only for a moment, saying the prosecutor immediately refiled with the same charges, allowing for the preliminary hearing last week to be postponed.

Somehow in that process is how Manzo slipped through the cracks. Long Beach Police, the lead agency, saying he's still on the run, leaving this family in pain.

MARLIN ZAMARRIPA: We're hurt because he's no longer with us, but then, we're also hurt because we see my mom suffer.