'Victims feel re-traumatised by justice system'

A review group led by one of Scotland's most senior judges, Lady Dorrian, has recommended a new specialist court should be created to deal with serious sexual offences.

Video Transcript

LEEONA DORRIAN: Dealing with-- in this review, we're dealing with a problem about how these cases are managed there has been with us for many, many years. And we keep having similar discussions about them. And in the course of our discussions, we looked at other options for dealing with these cases other than juries, and considered that this was a subject that needed to be examined further. So we're not recommending that juries should be abolished for these cases. We're simply saying that's a kind of conversation that needs to take place.

One of the factors that we felt was necessary for us to look at was whether there were aspects of the way things are dealt with at the moment which did not assist complainers to move on from having the experience that they'd had and which were capable of re-traumatization.

People felt re-traumatized after their engagement with the criminal justice system was one that was difficult for us to-- to-- to hear because clearly that is not the intention, and we had to listen to that and find a way of creating a system that would not do that.