Victim's Identity A Mystery 3 Weeks After Unsolved Fatal Aurora Shooting

Police in Aurora are asking for the public's help in solving a homicide that happened earlier this month in the northern part of the city. Authorities so far haven't been able to determine the victim's identity, and on Thursday they released photos showing three different vehicles that may have been involved in the crime.

Video Transcript

- Aurora Police have tracked down three cars that might have been involved in a deadly shooting. It happened on Sunday, April 4 about 7:15 in the evening, 35th Avenue in Helena. Officers there found a man shot. He died at the hospital. We're told his name will be released later.

Detectives have identified three cars that could be tied in with the crime. The victim and drivers left the gas station at 38th and Chambers before the shooting. The cars are a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8, a Volkswagen sedan and a BMW 7 Series. Give police a call if you recognize any of those vehicles. Could get up to a $2,000 reward.