Victims killed after boat capsizes in Hudson River identified

Victims killed after boat capsizes in Hudson River identified
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The two victims who died Tuesday after a boat capsized in the Hudson River have been identified. The New York Police Department identified them Wednesday as Lindelia Vasquez, 47, and Julien Vasquez, 7.

According to CBS New York, investigators believe that Julien Vasquez was wearing a life vest, but that it got caught on something when the boat overturned, trapping the young boy beneath the water. Lindelia Vasquez was also found underneath the capsized vessel, but it was not clear if she had been wearing a life vest, CBS New York reports.

Three others who were rescued from the water – a 32-year-old woman, a 51-year-old woman and a 24-year-old man – remain hospitalized, according to CBS New York.

Investigators said the 24-foot boat, which was carrying at least 12 people, was likely overloaded for its size, CBS New York reports. While the investigation is still ongoing, police said a wave caused by a passing ferry may have led to the boat capsizing.

Video of the incident taken from New Jersey shows a large spray of water just before the boat flips.

Lindelia Vasquez lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey, according to CBS New York. Some of the others who were on the boat were family members visiting from Colombia and Florida, CBS New York's Thalia Perez reports.

Officials are looking into whether the owner of the boat, who was trailing the vessel on a jet ski, along with the captain, are criminally liable, CBS New York reports. It is unclear what licenses either of them had. A charter license is required to take six or more people out on the water, according to CBS New York.

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