Victoria Beckham appeared on GMA looking a little different: ‘What happened to her?

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They’re all the rage: fillers.

Because we can’t all be born with plump lips and have that collagen in our cheeks forever.

But sometimes you can go overboard and suffer the consequences (by that, we mean Internet trolls critiquing your paparazzi shots).

Men are not immune: Ricky Martin got raked over the coals for looking a wee bit bloated during a Zoom chat about his tour with Enrique Iglesias. And even Tom Cruise’s less than chiseled cheeks raised eyebrows during a recent outing with his son.

The latest: Though we are unclear what procedure (if any) Victoria Beckham had done, the fashion designer certainly looked different Tuesday on “Good Morning America” to promote her new makeup tint.

Twitter naturally reacted immediately, with some showing concern about the part time Miami resident’s health.

“What happened to her?” asked one of the 47 year old Brit.

Others were downright nasty.

“Each time I see lip fillers I lose faith into everything a woman says, all her ideals shatter and her IQ drops dramatically.”

At least a few jumped to the mother of four’s defense:

“Please do not be rude! Do you know how much time it takes to get the makeup and lips right? The mental anguish of looking good in today’s society? Just trying to fit in is so hard and uses so much energy.”

If Mrs. David Beckham did indeed get lip fillers, small injections of hyaluronic acid, the result should only last about six to 12 months if she isn’t happy with the look. Or maybe she is happy, and just Twitter isn’t.