Victoria Beckham appears to have removed tattoo of husband David Beckham’s initials

Victoria Beckham has seemingly removed her tattoo of her husband David Beckham’s initials.

In a recent video posted to her Instagram, the 48-year-old fashion designer showed off a new red lip product from Victoria Beckham Beauty by swatching it on her arm.

However, as the camera focused on her arm, viewers noticed that the tattoo of her spouse’s initials written in script could be seen heavily faded, with Beckham seemingly in the process of getting the initals “DB” removed from her wrist.

While Beckham has not publicly addressed the tattoo removal, fans asked about the fading of the ink in the comments under the video.

“Why did you get your tattoo removed Victoria? Just fascinated x,” one person commented.

This isn’t the first time that fans have noticed the former Spice Girls singer appears to have gotten rid of her tattoos. According to Hello Magazine, Beckham also recently removed the roman numerals, VIII-V-MMVI, from her wrist. The numbers are a reference to 8 May 2006, the date she and her husband renewed their wedding vows.

In 2017, Beckham also showed off her fading ink while attending the Breast Cancer Research Foundation Hot Pink Party in New York, for which she wore a long sleeved black dress that showed off her back tattoo, which ran from the nape of her neck down her spine.

As noted by Harper’s Bazaar, the tattoo, which is written in Hebrew and translates to: “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,” and which matched a tattoo of her husband’s, also appeared to be disappearing.

After fans became curious about Beckham’s fading ink following her recent Instagram video, a source close to the couple told TMZ that the designer has had several tattoos removed.

While she appears to be in the process of removing her ink, Beckham isn’t the only member of her family with multiple tattoos, as her son, Brooklyn Peltz Beckham revealed last month that he has approximately 100 tattoos, 70 of which are dedicated to his wife, Nicola Peltz Beckham.

The singer also isn’t the only celebrity to undergo an apparent tattoo change. Last month, when Sylvester Stallone covered up a tattoo of his wife, Jennifer Flavin, with his character Rocky’s dog, Butkus, fans began to speculate that the couple’s marriage was in trouble. A representative for the actor later denied the claims.

Despite the fact that the tattoo change came only two days before Flavin filed for divorce from Stallone, it was reported last week that the pair have now reconciled and are “both extremely happy”.

The Independent has contacted a representative for Beckham for comment.