Victoria Fuller Joked She “Escaped” Chris Soules’ Iowa Farm After Quarantining With Him for a Month

Shannon Barbour

From Cosmopolitan

  • Victoria Fuller was quarantining with Chris Soules throughout the coronavirus shutdowns.
  • She just posted on Instagram that she “escaped” his farm in Arlington, Iowa.
  • She’s hanging out with Kelsey Weier, who lives in Des Moines, Iowa.

Can ya’ll believe it’s only been a month since fans did some CIA-level snooping and figured out Chris Soules and Victoria Fuller were quarantining together at his farm in Iowa? (Time sure does act funky when your whole life has been thrown into a blender and then put on hold!) This relationship came as a surprise to literally everyone, and while they seemed to have had a nice time enjoying the wide open spaces, it looks like Victoria is getting some space from Chris now that stay-at-home orders are lightening up.

Over the weekend, the controversial Bachelor contestant packed her bags, hopped in a car, and said goodbye to Arlington, Iowa. She took to her Instagram Stories to write, “I’VE ESCAPED,” which, uh, is definitely an interesting thing to say. It’s unclear if she and Chris were experiencing issues in their relationship, but this is could also be a joke judging by her goofy face. Victoria and Chris never defined their relationship, so we’ll have to wait and see if either of them add more commentary to her post.

Photo credit: Instagram

Victoria also tagged Kelsey Weier of Champagnegate and Miss Iowa fame and added a little heart next to her name. And later that day, it became apparent that Victoria traveled over to Des Moines (which is 180 miles away from Chris’ farm) to chill with Kelsey when she posted a video of them drinking wine together.

Hopefully, she took the proper safety precautions while “escaping,” as she called it.

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