Video of 2-Month-Old Puppy Who Was Returned to Oregon Shelter Has Us Shaking Our Heads

Don't people understand that puppies require patience?

TikTok user @therainabaina, a volunteer at the Heartland Humane Society, shared one of the saddest videos we've seen in a while. So we're warning everyone to grab your tissue and prepare for this one. 

A two-month-old puppy named Okra was adopted, or so he thought. But that home didn't last forever. What!? He was unfortunately returned to the Corvallis, Oregon-based shelter. How could anyone return this cutie? Your hearts will break when you see this cutie back in the shelter.

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Stop it! We're so in love with Okra. He's the most adorable, loving puppy we've ever seen. We can't believe the first owner didn't want him. But don't worry Okra, you'll be going to your forever home soon enough! 

"So sad didn't even give him a chance 💔 prayers he finds the best loving home," said @jeaniesteves. And only two months old? Ugh, so heartbreaking. "I don't understand how anyone can build a puppy's hopes, make him believe he has a home and family, then return them to the shelter. 😥," added @dannymiller1151. We don't understand it either, but the shelter did explain what happened. They wrote in the comments that the person who returned Okra was looking for a service dog and the trainer said Okra was too shy. Poop baby! 

@bill_chand commented, "I wish I weren't on the other side of the country. Okra is gorgeous and full of puppy energy!" SAME! We'd adopt him in a second if we could. But hopefully, someone local who can go in-person will be able to adopt this cutie. So if that's you and you're interested in adopting Okra, check out the Heartland Humane Society website


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