Video: A 9-year-old White Boy Cracks a Whip at Black Family’s Front Door

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Screenshot:  NBC 5 Dallas Fort-Worth (Fair Use)
Screenshot: NBC 5 Dallas Fort-Worth (Fair Use)

A Black family from Forney, Texas caught camera footage of a young white boy cracking a whip (yes, you read that correctly) at their front door, reported NBC 5 Dallas Fort-Worth. Dezerrea and Carissa Nash said they wanted to share the video to show that racism is real and very much alive.

The son of neighbor Bryan Thomas Brunson charged over to the Nashes front porch looking for their 9-year-old daughter. Per an instagram post from Carissa, he cracked a whip at their front door and also made a scratch on their vehicle. She posted the video footage from their Ring alarm.

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Per NBC 5, the family called the police to report the incident but made no incident report. The Nashes decided to confront the boy’s father themselves.

When Brunson opened the door, he had a Regar semi-automatic pistol in his hand.

More from NBC 5:

The Nashes and Kaufman County Constable Jason Johnson agree the gun was accidentally discharged.

“He had a child standing behind and when it went off it could have seriously injured that child or taken that child’s life or somebody else’s,” said Kaufman County Constable Precinct 2, Jason Kaufman.

Bryan Thomas Brunson was arrested for deadly conduct for reckless discharge of a firearm. He has since bonded out of jail.

The Nashes said they’ll be looking to take legal action against Brunson and are disappointed in how the Kaufman County Constable’s office handled their initial complaint about the whip.

“We want to get this out there to let people know ‘hey this stuff is still real.’ You’ve just seen what happened in Buffalo, New York. This can escalate very quickly. So we want to avoid that and get this story out there and let them know racism is real and we feel that it was definitely racially motivated,” said father Dezerrea Nash via NBC 5.

I don’t know whether these racist incidents are happening more frequently or just finally being exposed.